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“Where dreamers become dancers” 

Miss Lorraine opened her first dance studio in the Rutland area in 1968 when she began teaching ballet and tap out of the recreation center on Center Street. She took pride in sharing her love of dance with the community. She was joined by her daughter, Pam, who began teaching her own classes in 1975. Miss Lorraine and Miss Pam taught side by side for decades before Miss Lorraine’s retirement in 2001. Miss Pam continued to run the studio until 2013 when her daughter, Heather took over. Today, Miss Heather is a third generation owner and manager of Miss Lorraine’s School of Dance.
While the studio grew over the years, the sense of family and community that Miss Lorraine founded her studio upon remains the same. Generations of students have found their love for the art of dance at Miss Lorraine’s. All of our teachers were students of Miss Lorraine herself, and continue on her legacy every day in every class.
Miss Lorraine’s School of Dance offers lessons in ballet, pointe, lyrical, acrobatics, tap, jazz, and hip hop. We welcome dancers of all abilities from ages 3 to Adult. Call or email us today for more information. 


A classical form of dance utilizing skill and grace.  Pointe classes available when student’s technique reaches the proper level.  Classes for ages 6 through 18.


A dance style incorporating ballet and jazz technique, interpreting the words and meaning of music.  Classes for ages 6 through 18. 


A style using rhythm and rhythmic variation.  A favorite of Miss Lorraine herself!  Classes for ages 6 through Adult. 


Dance incorporating turns, jumps, and technical skills performed to modern, upbeat music.  Classes for ages 6 through Adult.

Hip Hop

A style of dance integrating various styles of street dance done to hip hop music.  Classes for ages 6 through 18.


A class teaching students basic, intermediate, and advanced technical backward and tumbling skills.  Classes for ages 5 through 18.

Combo Classes

An introduction to all styles taught at MLSD including tap, ballet, acrobatics and a little jazz and hip hop.  Classes for Ages 2 through 6. 


NEW THIS YEAR!  Contemporary incorporates elements of modern, lyrical, jazz, and classical ballet in an expressive form of dance.  Classes for ages 6 through 18. 


What people say about MLSD

  • Beth Robertson, mother of Lexi Robertson class of 2019, mother of Lexi Robertson, class of 2019
  • Miss Lorraine’s School of Dance is so much more than just a studio; it is a family that has provided my daughter with unconditional love, support, discipline, confidence, and life lasting friendships, while fostering a compassion for dance.  As a member of the MLSD Competition Team my child has learned the true meaning of teamwork and leadership.  Together, Miss Heather and Miss Pam have continued the legacy of Miss Lorraine, teaching children to be dignified, graceful, classy, and kind.  We are so grateful to belong to such a wonderful school of dance! 

  • Brianna Howard, class of 2014
  • Miss Lorraine’s School of Dance is like a second home to me. I have been dancing for 18 years and I am incredibly thankful for all of the wonderful teachers and friends I’ve met throughout the years. This studio is not just a studio, it is a close-knit family where everybody can be themselves!

  • Matelin LaPorte, class of 2025
  • I like to dance because it is fun and because I get to meet new people. I learned that it is a little tricky, but they make it fun. Also, all the teachers are helpful and nice. 

  • Caitlin Hawkins, class of 2020
  • Dancing at MLSD has given me a second home and a second family. Coming here daily, rehearsing, and competing gives me a sense of confidence, teamwork, and an unmatchable feeling of pure joy.





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